Customer service



Discover How a Telematic Services Provider Utilized Security, Network, and Telecommunication Services from Wide Cloud Communications

CLIENT INDUSTRY: Information and Technology

LOCATION(s): Headquartered in Miami, FL with locations in Central and South America.

# OF USERS: 10-20

SERVICE OFFERING: Electronic Logging Devices, Live tracking services, Dash Cameras and more

BACKGROUND: Decades of experience in the trucking industry with thorough understanding of unique challenges. Efficiency relies on teamwork.

Owners decided to outsource Tech Support Department in Central America, therefore, there were tools and user accounts needed in order to get the remote team rolling.

  • Email accounts for each agent. Domain hosted in – Wide Cloud’s server
  • Distro Group for Support Tickets where everyone would get copy of ticket to individual inbox
  • Call Distribution: Extensions created in PBX, inbound calls would ring on specific extensions after IVR recording
  • Missed Calls: Rule created in PBX that would direct caller to record a VM in case of no agent availability. Once message is recorded a new support ticket is created with recording, phone number and CID
  • Ticketing System: Developed ticketing system for case management with SLAs for Open and Pending tickets created

Project was finished and delivered within 5 business days. Ongoing support has been provided since 2019.