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Professional Security

Professional Security

As the prime target for social engineering cyberattacks, employees pose the highest risk to your security, especially with the transition to remote and hybrid working. Wide Cloud´s managed cybersecurity plans address this risk with user-focused strategies and carefully selected solutions. Our experience and solutions will allow your company to build a foundational strategy that protects your users, and therefore, your business operations, bottom line, and brand reputation.

Wide Cloud´s managed protection and response plans not only defend against cyberattacks but also react to them, providing expert support for those high-stakes moments. In addition to 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting and the managed security solutions, we also offer DNS security and cybersecurity awareness training per user. On top of the annual security review, we will perform a vulnerability scan of the network edge per site every quarter. Our assistance with third-party cybersecurity questionnaires helps protect your revenue and lower cyber insurance premiums. If a security breach occurs, rest easy with incident response and remediation services included in the plan.

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